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“Really, my artiste, you amaze me. The lengths you will go to in order to accomplish your own destruction” 

An excerpt from Neuromancer by William Gibson

I have had an unswerving devotion to electronic music ever since my heady baptism in the 90s London rave scene which culminated in an intense 5 years of studying music production. Since then I have spent a lifetime delving deeper and deeper into production. 

My music has been compared to Jon Hopkins, Robert Miles and Orbital. Although these similarities are discernable, I am simply an artist determined to do my own thing. 

My major early influences as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Portishead, Morcheeba and then everything 90s rave. I grew up in a single parent family and my mum has been my greatest role model, she was a Children’s Party Entertainer for most of her adult life. My first name Ross means “headland”, the piece of land that sticks out into the sea and helps create somewhere wild, as well as the bay where people can enjoy the sea. My family name, Harper, comes from ancient times, Harper’s are traditionally musicians who play music at festivals and for the royal gentry. My ambition is to live up to both these names I have been given.

Every DJ set I share is a blank slate waiting to be written, I play anything from techno, drum & bass, deep house, dark disco, progressive house, cool ambient and everything in between.

My personal productions are rich, varied and never to a script.

The Ambient Girl series explores downtempo and has seen support from Cici, Lemonella and Ben Malone on Kiss FM. In Your Eyes e-zine dubbed it as “strong candidate for electronic album of the year”. 

Whereas my beat driven works have been supported by industry legends like Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, John Dignweed, Kölsch, Laurent Garner, Martin L Gore of Depeche Mode, Sasha, and Nemone on BBC Radio 6.

I am also the founding father of City Wall Records, where my A&R skills have signed tracks played in numerous Boiler Room sets including SNTS at Kompass and Ancient Methods in Berlin.

I hold a weekly residency on every Friday from 1000hrs GMT.

I also present a monthly two hour show on AAJA on the fourth Monday of every month at 1800hrs where I share a plethora of cutting edge new underground releases.

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