“Really, my artiste, you amaze me. The lengths you will go to in order to accomplish your own destruction”

An excerpt from Neuromancer by William Gibson

Upon hearing my music for the first time a new acquaintance said to me that he was reminded of the Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson. A cryptic thing to say, but actually this comparison works in many ways. Like in Gibson’s work you can feel the psychedelia in what I produce. The Sprawl Trilogy marked a step change in science fiction writing as it foresaw many social changes that then unfolded. And my music has that same feeling, of something very different, possibly revolutionary, definitely exploratory and at times, yes, revelatory. But also, my own story is similar to the lead character “Case” in the Sprawl books. Case is a man who is extremely talented yet at the same time, he is his own worst enemy.

I’ve had an unswerving devotion to electronic music ever since my drug induced baptism in the 90s London rave scene, this resulted in an intense 5 years of studying music production to get under the skin of the music. After graduating I’ve spent years delving deeper and deeper into production, as such there is now a huge body of unreleased work which is just starting to see light of day. The talent has not gone unnoticed with DJ support from Martin L Gore (lead songwriter for Depeche Mode), Nemone on BBC Radio 6 Music and Laurent Garnier. 

My music has been compared to Jon Hopkins, Robert Miles and Orbital. Although these similarities are discernable, I am really a producer who is simply determined to do his own thing. 

I would cite my major early influences as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Portishead, Morcheeba and then everything 90s rave. I grew up in a single parent family and there is no doubt my mum is my greatest influence and role model, she is a Children’s Party Entertainer. And my family name, Harper, well, a Harper is traditionally someone who played music at festivals.