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Berlin shows - 7th - 9th October

I was in Berlin promoting my forthcoming The Dark Album, I played at Dream Baby Dream bar on the Friday, which turned into a wonderful 6hr set. The lovely people did not want to leave, so the head barman and I had to come up with a devious plan at 4am to wind things down. I then caught a cab to Watergate to hear the end of Richie Hawtin's set and the wonderful Sama Abdulhadi, I love watching the sunrise from Watergate. I caught some words with Sama at the end, last time I heard her play was Fabric, turns out it was her Fabric debut, and then this time at Watergate, turns out it was her Watergate debut too :)

Saturday was onto the amazing Refuge Worldwide, who have a bar, cafe, radio studio on Weserstr. So cool, kind, friendly, beautiful ambience, pastel shades and candle lit. Also challenging the mainstream by representing marginalised and oppressed cultures. I played a special set of my own productions, including an array of tracks from the forthcoming The Dark Album, play back is here.

I then hung out with a friend and ended up an underground party in a disused industrial estate, the party was super cool, very well organised, cloak room, full bar, amazing soundsystem, friendly promoters, 3 working toilets. Impressive. I journeyed on to Tresor to check the place out, last time I was at Tresor was 1998 at the old building. Honestly, on this night I felt the energy was a little "stuck", it felt like it just needed to be shaken and all blown away! For something fresh to happen. Not sure, maybe I was just tired, but I noticed a couple having a full on conversation right at the front of the main dancefloor, they talked for at least 20 minutes, for me that is a problem, no way should people at the front being talking for so long, that is a sign something is wrong.

Sunday was the biggest day of my DJing career to date, I was invited to play a 3hr set at Sisyphos in their Hammahelle. Sisyphos is a weekend long festival every weekend, set across several venues and an amazing outdoor space that has a small lake, a stage, a DJ booth, raised platforms, tree houses, a fire pit and a cosy cafe. So I'm right at home here! Hammahelle is like a huge warehouse in the centre of it all with a Funktion One sound system, industrial interior with real fire globes, it's a bit like a "gas works". So, I delivered 3 hours of hard, dark, industrial and uplifting techno. The crowd response was phenomenal, so much love in that room. You can listen back here and feel the vibes. Afterwards I sat around the fire pit and shared hugs!

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