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Desire at Union - Monday 29th August 2022

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Well, I decided it is the right time to start a blog. As I start to play more and more gigs, I wanted a way to connect deeply with my growing fan base. I mean, social media is fine, but it is pretty fast flowing and often a lot of detail can get missed. So the idea of this space is to provide an intimate and personal insight into my life as a DJ and music producer. For a while it has been clear to me that I am on a very unique path regarding my DJ career, this has been made clear, not just by my own feelings and experiences, but also by the things people say to me at my gigs and also when I am just out dancing (which I do a lot too).

So this first post is about my recent gig for DESIRE at Union in Vauxhall, London. I love this party, it is a Monday night from midnight til around 8am Tuesday. So cool! The promoters are really lovely people (shout out to Duwat) who always make me feel welcome, it is not always that busy but the people who are there really love to dance, like properly dance and express themselves. On this particular Monday, it was the bank holiday after Carnival weekend in the capital.

So this Monday in Vauxhall was a super cool atmosphere, I wanted to see how far I could push it so edged into some darker, harder Berlin techno at one point but this was not quite the right mood, although on of the guys I was speaking to before my set was telling me how much he loves that style, but it was not quite right, so I pulled the BPM down a bit and went into some other deeper house and progressive grooves. I kept going with this, pushing the BPM up a bit, getting things moving, then when the energy started to peak, pulling things back again. There were some really euphoric powerful moments, it was so uplifting to see such a mixed multi-racial crowd really getting lost in the music together.

Thank you Desire and the team for inviting me back.

Oh, at the end, there were many nice comments about my set, but one guy stood out for me (the same dude who asked for a couple of "rewinds").

He said something like, "I saw you dancing before your set, like a funny "scooby doo" dance, then you got behind the decks and I was like, wow! this guy is really here to change things".

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