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Spin Cycle at Cellar Arts Club, Worthing & G3T LOO5E at BLOCK, Brighton

Last weekend was one to remember, starting off with Spin Cycle at Cellar Arts Club in Worthing on the Friday night and then onto G3T LOO5E at BLOCK on the Sunday with a pub lunch somewhere in between.

Spin Cycle at Cellar Arts was special for 2 reasons, Spin Cycle is a very unique event, which started life as an Open Decks at The Actors Pub in Brighton (and still is, every Monday night), but has grown and gets invited to different venues, so it is like a family vibe where the DJs have got one another's backs. The second reason this was special is because I was "road testing" playing tracks from my forthcoming THE DARK ALBUM. The crowd reaction to my set was phenomenal! It was so cool to see people dancing hard, shouting and whistling! And very lovely to be invited back too! G3T LOO5E at BLOCK on Sunday was a totally different energy. G3T LOO5E is organised by Brighton DJ Nina Carina, she is an excellent DJ and I get on really well with her an a person. She has London roots like me, and even went to some of the London parties that I used to go to. She is also into meditation and so I guess we have common ground. G3t LOO5E at BLOCK was a day party and people are mainly seated. So it takes some skill to get the right energy. I was humbled when a couple of cool guys turned up specifically to hear me play after one of their friends saw that Charlotte de Witte was supporting my music. That was really cool, and it was lovely to meet these two music fans.

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