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The Dark Album World Tour So Far

In February it was Amsterdam and earlier in March, Barcelona (photos below). It was so nice in Amsterdam to meet so many new people and be asked about track IDs, this is when I know I am doing something right. Then in Barcelona, these two guys told the barman, "this is the best DJ set we have heard in our lives", wow! I was blown away by that feedback. So now I am visiting Almeria to play at The Temple (I love this name, very cool) alongside the Lahna and Red Albert. And just a reminder, the Dark Album remixes volume 1 are also now released to critical acclaim, with premieres on Les Yeux Orange, 6AM and Suprematic. Available on all streaming and download platforms. AND the remixes volume two are on their way. Oh, and watch out for the upcoming MERCH offering, including t-shirts, hoodies and wall hanging artwork.

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