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03/05/22 - Friday 13th May I'll be sharing a DJ set at The Volks in Brighton for the SIZE all-nighter - CLICK HERE

03/05/22 - Join me on Saturday 4th June for a DJ set at SPIN CYCLE from 2pm at BLOCK BAR - CLICK HERE

03/05/22 - Catch up on my guest show for Berlin based Refuge Worldwide from - CLICK HERE

12/03/22 - LA based 6AM invited me to do a guest mix - THIS ONE IS FOR UKRAINE, MY LOVE - CLICK HERE

09/03/22 - Catch up with my weekly radio show A RAVER'S GUIDE TO WELLNESS - CLICK HERE

28/02/22 - Catch up with my monthly radio show where I share new music - CLICK HERE

25/02/22 - My latest release TECHNO DREAMER is out now - CLICK HERE

07/02/22 - My 6hr AAJA Takeover set is now available on Soundcloud - CLICK HERE

23/01/22 - Streetlevel Redefined Interview me about Music and Spirituality - LISTEN HERE

01/01/22 - HNY! Follow my SPOTIFY playlist for all the best tracks in 2022 - CLICK HERE



Refuge Worldwide (Berlin) - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW


Panspermia (Berlin) - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

Ozomatli Show (Italy) - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW


Empty Plate Radio (Miami) - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

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B2B with Spatial Lahna (Bogota) - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW



Welcome to my website, here you will find out more about me as a DJ and artist, when I say artist, I mean "music producer" but you know for me, music is art, music is devotion, it is a deep expression. 

I love playing long DJ sets, like preferably 5 or 6 hours to really go on a musical journey. Just like my production work, my musical style is varied, although always centred around house, techno and ambient. I follow my feeling, I create the atmosphere, I hold the space.

And the inspiration behind my music comes from deep, wonderful and perfect places; distant dreams, conceptual stories, profound thoughts and evocative feeling.

As well as the music is beautiful artwork, some painted by me, but also some created by artists I am working with to bring my concepts to canvas and digital mediums. So you've joined me at an special time, a time where many aspects of my creative world are blossoming.

You can keep in touch by joining my mailing list and if you like what I offer please share my website on your social media. I am based in Brighton in the UK.

If you would like to book me for a DJ set just click here.



Due to the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the Russian state against innocent Ukrainians, I thought it would be right to bring my FEEL EP back to the front of my website.

The background story...

March 2020…

As I stood in the crowd at the Kultura Zvuka club in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, my head down, eyes closed, dancing to DJ Nastia and Daria Kosolova playing the warm up set for the NECHTO Records party, there was this sensation of someone nudging their foot against the side of my foot.

When I opened my eyes, there was no one there. So I closed my eyes again and continued to dance. But there it was again. The sense of someone nudging their foot against my foot.

So I opened my eyes and looked round, there was a dark haired girl standing next to me, about two or three feet away. But her foot was nowhere near mine. So again I closed my eyes, and kept dancing, it was a deep groove as the gig was still warming up, so my dance was chilled, like a meditative building of inner presence.

But there it was again this sensation of someone gentle putting their foot, their shoe against my shoe, and applying some pressure, nudging against the side of my foot. So I opened my eyes a third time, and there was only this girl who could have done this, but her foot was nowhere near mine, she was still several feet away.

So I thought to myself “what is going on here? I must try and talk to her”. So I tentatively said “hello” in English, but she replied that she did not really speak very good English. And I noticed on her wrist, there was a tattoo in what must have been Russian handwriting, I asked her what it meant, she replied, “FEEL”.

And I thought to myself, yes, that makes sense, FEEL.

So when I returned to the UK I began writing this EP, constantly checking in with myself, reflecting back to that moment, in that space, with those soulful people, and that magical girl with that special, special gift, FEEL.

A selection of feedback as follows…

“Got me!“ Pinky Rose (Zeit)

“Superb deep leftfield vibe” Marek Moskalus (Moskalus)

“Dope” Dean Paul de Leon (Droid Recordings)

“Excited” Lars Tuncay (Persona Non Grata)

“Exactly what I love in techno is represented here” Harry Ruffner (Noice!)

“Feel IV is what i feel for. thanks. sound uber” Jorkes (Freeride Millenium)

“really nice EP, great sound, great mood” Leporelo FM / RTVS

“All tracks are great but I really love "Feel II” Vialocal (Audiophile Deep)

“Perfect sound for my radioshow! Will be played, 5/5 thanks” Athen (Rauschzeit)

“Amazing EP. Thanks” Gabriel Ferreira (Ninefont)

“Great sound” Dario Sorano (Hybrid Records)

Ross Harper - Techno Dreamer.JPG



TECHNO DREAMER is about the old and the new. An autobiographical signature about Ross Harper’s outlook on life, heavily influenced by his intense youth spent in the London 90s club scene, and then a life dedicated to following a passion to explore electronic music in all its depths. Techno Dreamer is intentionally fun and a subtle wind up to any techno artist who becomes obsessed that techno must be dark. Why can’t techno be fun? Why can’t techno artists wear bright colours? In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changin” 

The “B side” - FENCES - this is the first track Ross Harper ever produced, this was back in 2003. The story goes, Ross was in his first year in a Music Production degree and his tutor heard the track and passed it to an A&R contact in a German techno label. They wanted to sign it, but Ross was not ready to let it go. The vocal sample “you scare me sometimes” is a recording of Ross Harper’s voice and is a quote from a girl Ross had fallen in love with, needless to say they never got together. There is no fear in love. 


Arrangement and Production – Ross Harper 

Mastering – Joe Farr

Artwork – Sauriêl Creative




“Electronic music that you never knew you needed until you hear it”

David Ireland (Magnetic Mag)

“Conclusive, fresh, excellent”

Frank Eckert (Groove Mag)

“An ambient fairy tale at its finest” 

Hanna Frömberg (Faze Mag)

“A score for a fantastical parallel universe” 

Tome To The Weather Machine

Tower of Light is the second instalment in the Ambient Girl journey. A collection of musical works centred on short stories also written by Ross Harper, along with commissioned artwork by Iva Troj. 

The intention is to create a liminal space where fans can truly immerse themselves. The story behind the Tower Of Light album is as follows…

”The Ambient Girl reaches a large lake, it is dark. There she meets the boatman, he is wearing a cloak with a large hood covering his face. The Ambient Girl knows she must cross the lake to continue her journey so she bravely asks the boatman for help. He rows her across the lake. As they reach the shore the Ambient Girl gets out of the boat and then she turns to the boatman and asks if he is going to come with her on her journey. He answers in deep tones, “Do you understand what you are asking?”, she replies, “Yes I understand”, and offers him her hand. With this offering the boatman removes his cloak to become a tower of light reaching into the highest heavens, the light is arcing in every direction, streaming every colour of the rainbow, enveloping all things, becoming all things, everything is filled with the light in every way imaginable.”

Ross Harper wrote the album across several locations around the British Isles: a remote farm house amid seven mountain peaks in North Wales, the “Teacher’s Room” of a retreat centre next to a thundering gorge in a wild Western Scotland and the finishing touches were completed in North London, while staying at his mum’s place, where he grew up.

Selected feedback...

“A dreamy and magical place” In Your Eyes ezine 

“Delightfully quirky and perfectly weird” David Ireland (Magnetic Mag)

“An electronic quark of strangeness and charm” Acid Ted Blog

“Clean & delicate” Visual Atelier 8 

“Beautiful, best upcoming album” Living Techno blog

“Amazing LP” Victor Santana (DJ Mag ES)

“Super, love it!” Rina (Corespondant)

“Playful music, cool sounds” Atheb (Rauschzeit)

“Great album” Responder (Planet Rhythm)

“Strange and intimate” Massilmo Argo (Universe Metallici)

“Stunning!” Super Drama Records


Arrangement and Production – Ross Harper 

Mastering – Matt Colton

Artwork – Iva Troj

Ross Harper - eFunk 1440x1440.jpg


(06/08/2021) Welcome to my “e-Funk” EP, a thumping infusion of past, present and future.

The past – it’s impossible not to feel the psychedelia of early influences, bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors, intense dark trippy vibes, so let’s call this 1965. Next of course you can feel the original techno energy, from my teenage roots in the 90s London rave scene, so let’s call this 1995.

The artwork is also a nod to 90s London rave with a cheeky echo of the infamous Blu Peter & Mrs Wood “Bitter & Twisted” album, released on React Records. Furthermore, the typeface used is a stylistic throwback to a childhood 80s video game called “R-TYPE”.

Present and future - reflecting on these past phenomenon of the 60s hippie movement and the 90s rave movement, it now feels like we are now approaching the next such epoch, 1965 to 1995 is 30 years, 1995 to 2025 will be another 30 years, in a post pandemic world it is easy to see how such a musical movement is poised to happen, we are on the verge of the next chapter and right now we are in the “prologue” if you will.

My eFunk EP is aggressive, confrontational, “in your face”, experimental, leftfield drum machine techno. Not just “thrown together”, but meticulously programmed and worked to a method that would have been at home in the 90s techno production process, one of recording drum machine loops and then feeding those back into samplers, to then be re-sequenced.

Originally this was analogue system of working, but I've recreated it in the touch screen digital domain, using only iPhones and iPads with all files being transferred via the Cloud, so at no point in the process has a single cable been utilised.

So, welcome! The past, present and future are right here.

Selected feedback...

"9/10" Faze Mag

"Great tunes, awesome sounds, very special" Wolfgang Dorninger (Radio Fro)

"Gorgeous" Gai Barone (Afterglow Records)

"Noice" Ester Duijn (Tresor & Gegen)

"Will play" Takkyu Ishino (Wire, Womb)

"Fresh sounding techno" Blair Miller (The Letter)


Arrangement and Production – Ross Harper 

Mastering – Koschitzky Mastering

Artwork – Chalu Design