(30/04/2021) My FEEL EP is now on sale. The background story...

As I stood in the crowd at the Culture Zvuka club in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, my head down, eyes closed, dancing to DJ Nastia and Daria Kosolova playing the warm up set for the NECHTO Records party, there was this sensation of someone nudging their foot against the side of my foot.

When I opened my eyes, there was no one there. So I closed my eyes again and continued to dance. But there it was again. The sense of someone nudging their foot against my foot.

So I opened my eyes and looked round, there was a dark haired girl standing next to me, about two or three feet away. But her foot was nowhere near mine. So again I closed my eyes, and kept dancing, it was a deep groove as the gig was still warming up, so my dance was chilled, like a meditative building of inner presence.

But there it was again this sensation of someone gentle putting their foot, their shoe against my shoe, and applying some pressure, nudging against the side of my foot. So I opened my eyes a third time, and there was only this girl who could have done this, but her foot was nowhere near mine, she was still several feet away.

So I thought to myself “what is going on here? I must try and talk to her”. So I tentatively said “hello” in English, but she replied that she did not really speak very good English. And I noticed on her wrist, there was a tattoo in what must have been Russian handwriting, I asked her what it meant, she replied, “FEEL”.

And I thought to myself, yes, that makes sense, “FEEL”.

So when I returned to the UK I began writing this EP, constantly “checking in” with myself, reflecting back to that moment, in that space, with those soulful people, and that magical girl with that special, special gift, “FEEL”.

A selection of feedback as follows…

“got me!” Pinky Rose (Zeit)

“superb deep leftfield vibe” Marek Moskalus (Moskalus)

“dope” Dean Paul de Leon (Droid Recordings)

“excited” Lars Tuncay (Persona Non Grata)

“exactly what I love in techno is represented here” Harry Ruffner (Noice!)

“Feel IV is what i feel for. thanks. sound uber” Jorkes (Freeride Millenium)

“really nice EP, great sound, great mood” Leporelo FM / RTVS

“All tracks are great but I really love "Feel II”!!” Vialocal (Audiophile Deep)

“perfect sound for my radioshow! Will be played, 5/5 thanks!” Athen (Rauschzeit)

“Amazing EP. Thanks” Gabriel Ferreira (Ninefont)

“great sound” Dario Sorano (Hybrid Records)



(25/09/2020) My latest album Ambient Girl is out now. The music and art of Ambient Girl are inspired by a series of stories and poems I wrote. Here is the first poem in the collection...

“I see machinery, I see a man of light holding a key of light, surrounded by the huge machinery, like giant cogs and pistons, he stands on a raised platform amid the machinery, the colours around are browns and shades of darkness, the browns are like beautiful shades of rust. 

Then I notice a slender female figure is kneeling with her head bowed, she is wearing a dark cloak with the hood covering her face, then I see in her hands she is holding a small bouquet of flowers, her spirit is full of stillness, then the man of light anoints the kneeling one with the key of light and there is then an explosion of light.”

The artwork is a custom collaboration with the Iva Troj, the award winning contemporary artist.



Welcome to my website, here you will find out more about me as a DJ and artist, when I say artist, I mean "music producer" but you know for me, music is art, music is devotion, it is a deep expression. 

I love playing long DJ sets, like 5 or 6 hours to really go on a musical journey. I'm just as comfortable playing in a bar or cafe as I am a club or festival. Just like my production work, my musical style is varied, although always centred around house, techno and ambient.

And the inspiration behind my music comes from deep and wonderful places, so in time I will also use this space to share some of my dreams and stories, thoughts and feelings. As well as some beautiful "artwork", some painted by me, but also some painted by artists I am working with to bring my concepts to canvas. So you've joined me at an special time, a time of change, where many aspects of my creative world are just starting to blossom.

You can keep in touch by joining my mailing list below and if you like what I offer please share my website on your social media. I am based in Brighton in the UK.

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